Interview tips to help you land your dream job

After months of deliberation, you’ve finally spruced up your resume and hit that ‘apply now’ button on the Emirates Group Careers website to -hopefully- become Emirates Cabin Crew. You’ve received an invitation to the Assessment Day nearest to you, and it’s only a few weeks away. Now what?!

Last week, I answered your questions about Emirates recruitment process and how to go about applying for the position of Cabin Crew. It was well received, and you told me that you would like to know more about the selection process. How does the recruitment team select the best candidates for the job?

I can’t give all those secrets away, but what I can do is share some interview tips I’ve acquired over the years that have helped me to be successful. Without saying too much about the Emirates recruitment process, I will try to use examples from when I attended an Emirates Assessment Day to best explain these tips to you.

**Please be advised that I am speaking from my personal experience and not on behalf of the company itself**

Let’s get started!

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Prior to attending an Emirates Assessment Day, it is important to do your research and understand the Emirates brand. This image was taken at the training college, where the Emirates slogan, Hello Tomorrow, is displayed on the wall.

Tip #1. Always do your research!

When applying for any job, it is important to familiarize yourself with the company and incorporate this knowledge into your interview. It shows that you are generally interested in the position being offered. It is also a good idea to review the job description of the opportunity again prior to your interview so you are able to prove to the potential employer that you are what they’re looking for.

For example, on the Emirates Group Careers website it states that Cabin Crew must posses the following qualities: professional, empathetic, progressive, visionary, cosmopolitan. If you are successful in the Emirates recruitment process, this is what you will be required to represent.

Tip #2. Look the part. First impressions matter!

In any interview, before you get the chance to introduce yourself, you are being judged. From your appearance to your body language, it is important to be professional the second you walk through the doors.

For example, Emirates is a prestigious airline. Therefore, you need to be able to prove that you can represent the brand well. Simple things like showing up on time, being well groomed and dressed appropriately will leave a good impression with any employer.

Tip #3. As Drake says, ‘know yourself’

Reviewing your résumé and previous work experience (if you have any) prior meeting with a potential employer is always a good idea. I’m not saying try to prepare your answers ahead of time, but you should always know what is on your application in case it is referenced during your interview.

You may not be able to mention your previous work experience directly to a recruiter at an Emirates Assessment Day, but the activities you complete as a part of the selection programme may require certain skills that you’ve used in the past.

Tip #4. Ask questions!

I was always told it is important to ask questions at the end of any interview to show you are interested in the position. During an Emirates Assessment Day, you will have the opportunity to ask plenty. NO, this is not the opportunity to ask about how much money you will make. Consider using this time to ask the recruitment team more information about the job, the culture and the goals of the company. Keep in mind that as much as you may want the position you have applied for, you need to figure out if it is right for you.


Always believe in yourself. I have been through the Emirates Cabin Crew recruitment process twice and here I am, a year after I first applied, walking across the stage at the Emirates training college having successfully completed all of the required courses.

To sum it all up…

The best thing you can really do in any interview is to be yourself. I’m a huge believer in “if it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be”. Having gone through the Emirates recruitment process twice, I know that it can be disheartening if you aren’t successful. The important thing is that you learn from the experience, and if you are truly passionate about the position, believe in yourself and try again!

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