Passenger Stories: DXB to YYZ

With only a few flights a week between Dubai, United Arab Emirates and Toronto, Canada you’re bound to see some familiar faces from time to time. This week, I was pleasantly surprised to bring a family back home to Canada that I had brought to the UAE last month! They were visiting family abroad and were such a joy to serve.

Also on my flight from Dubai were two wonderful ground staff, both travelling to Canada for a friends wedding. Originally from Korea, my fellow crew and I were happy to welcome them to the skies! ūüôā

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Passenger Stories: Making new friends in Mauritius

“Success isn’t about what you accomplish in your life, it’s about what you inspire others to do”

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a “feel good” story, so I thought I’d share with you something special that happened on the way to my flight back to Dubai today!

As I was leaving the hotel in Mauritius, a mother and her two young boys (above) approached me and asked if I operated the Emirates Airbus A380. When I responded yes, they requested that we take a photo together. She said that her eldest son wanted to be a pilot one day and that it would mean a lot to him.

After hearing this, I spoke to the FO and requested her permission to use her hat. We snapped a few pictures, then I gave them each a colouring sheet of the A380 that I keep in my cabin bag. The FO came over to say hello too, and that’s when we discovered both her and the family were from Brazil; small world!

The children asked her to autograph the colouring pages as keepsake. As she did this, she told them to be on the beach of the resort at 4:30pm. We fly over the area around this time and she said she’d wave to them from the flight deck. Sure enough, as we were ascending into the sky, the FO looked down over the area to see two people jumping up and down on the beach. We pass over this region at a pretty low altitude. With the airport right near the resort and our flight path in its direction, we’d like to think that it really was them waving at us!

Our job as crew can be difficult, but these are the moments that make it all worthwhile. I hope this story leaves a smile on your face like it does mine and inspires you to chase your dreams too!

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Passenger Stories: Be kind to others

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The world is big in someways and yet so small in others. Today I wanted to share a passenger story with you about a man I’m going to refer to as “Mr. Abdullah”.

As Emirates Cabin Crew, I get to meet different people everyday that come from all¬†over the globe. Each of us carry different cultures and traditions, and each day I get to learn something new as a result. I’m going to start sharing more of these meaningful experiences with you and hope that you might share your own with me in the comments below!

This past April, I got to fly home (to Toronto, Canada) for the first time since joining Emirates in November. It was on this flight where I got to meet two gentlemen; one from Pakistan (“Mr. Abdullah”) and one from India.

The Toronto flight consists largely of families and businessmen that are travelling between their home countries and Canada for work or to visit their families.  These two men happened to be entrepreneurs who travel with Emirates frequently. Each of them shared with me stories about their loved ones and their businesses back in their home countries. In turn, I spoke to them about my life as Emirates Cabin Crew.

I was seated between the two of them, and whenever I got up to go speak to my colleagues I would offer them a drink. At the end of the flight, Mr. Abdullah¬†to turned to me and thanked me for our conversation. I remember him specifically saying “I hope that I get to fly with you on one of your flights. You have a great smile” before he disembarked, and it gave me that warm fuzzy feeling inside.

Be kind whenever possible. It’s always possible. – Dalai Lama

Eight¬†months later,¬†I was preparing refreshing towels and menus for pre-departure in the aft galley of our¬†Emirates Airbus A380 bound for YYZ¬†from DXB.¬†Pre-departure is a very busy time for Cabin Crew because during this time we are assisting customers with their baggage/seating while distributing onboard items (menus, toys etc.) at the same time. We also have to stay alert and listen for direction from our Purser (manager of the flight) over the intercom so we don’t miss any important information. It was during this time when I recognized a gentlemen seated at the back of the cabin.

When we got into the air, I checked the PIL (Passenger Information List) and confirmed that it was who I thought it was.¬†Mr. Abdullah,¬†the frequent flyer from Pakistan was on my flight!!!¬†Excited, I grabbed his preferred beverage and ran over to him with a huge smile on my face. “Your ginger ale Mr. Abdullah” I said? He looked up at me, smiled¬†and responded with “I REMEMBER YOU!”

During the flight, I invited him to the galley where we caught up and took pictures together. We were both shocked, yet very happy to see each other again!

When we arrived in Toronto, he came to me before he disembarked. Much like he did before, he looked at me, smiled and said “this is why I fly with Emirates. I can’t wait to show my wife these pictures and tell her that you remembered me”. I smiled back and replied “until next time”. I have no doubt that our paths will cross again.

Moral of this story? ¬†Be kind to others. You never know the¬†impact you could have on someones day and you never know when you’ll see that person again.

I’ll never forget him. ūüôā

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