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Promo Magazine Feature – Autumn Issue 58

Another day, another adventure! This month I have the pleasure of being featured in Promo Magazine’s September 2018 Autumn Issue…


#StaycationModeOn: Fairmont Ajman getaway

Looking for a way to beat that Dubai heat? My friend Chandee and I might just have the solution! We…


Layover Life: Narita & Tokyo, Japan!

What started as a short, one day layover, ended up becoming a five day trip on my recent flight to…


Layover Life: Neuschwanstein Castle, Bavaria, Germany

Another layover in Munich, Germany means another exciting adventure! This time around, a colleague of mine and I decided to make…


Layover Life: Dhaka, Bangladesh

Visiting Dhaka, Bangladesh always puts a smile on my face! Now one of my most flown routes, I’m trying to…


Layover Life: Mayfield Lavender, Banstead, United Kingdom

Looking for something different to do in London, England? Mayfield Lavender is the place to visit! Located less than 15…


A quick thank you…! 😊

Being a flight attendant has its ups and downs, but what keeps me going during the difficult times is the…


Cabin Crew Life: Natural remedies to relieve discomfort

Flight attendants are prone to getting sick more often than others largely due to the physical demands of the job.…


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