The role of a flight attendant

Being a flight attendant is a rewarding experience. You get to travel the world, meet new people, as well as see and do some pretty amazing things! As glamorous as this jet-setting lifestyle may seem, we do sacrifice a great deal to be able to embark on all of these adventures.

Because of our hectic schedules, we occasionally miss out on birthdays, holidays and other significant celebrations so that you, our passengers, can enjoy yours in the company of loved ones. We make it a priority to ensure your comfort, even if we may not be feeling 100% ourselves. We always have a smile on our face, even if we may be going through a challenging situation. We give up a full nights sleep, working various shifts at different hours throughout the day, to ensure you get to where you need to be. But, most importantly, we will always sacrifice our lives to save yours.

Whether you’re looking to pursue a career in aviation, or you find yourself on a plane sometime soon, please keep these things in mind. It is your safety and security that is of upmost importance to us.

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