August Roster (2017): Reserve month!

It’s August, and my reserve month is here. This means that I have very few rostered flights, and that I can go anywhere in the world at almost anytime!

Each night, my roster will change around 6pm for the following day. Based on Emirates operational needs, I could be scheduled a day off, a flight, airport standby or cross-qualification standby.

  • Day off = No assigned duty.
  • Airport standby = Requires Cabin Crew to report to the standby lounge at departures. The purpose of airport standby is to have crew at the airport and readily available to operate a flight should a colleague be late or report sick, a flight is cancelled or rescheduled, extra crew are needed because of a load change (more passengers hopped on the flight than expected)…etc. For all airport standby duties, crew need to pack enough clothes for the longest multi-sector (approx. 8 days) and for all weather types. This is because we could be pulled out for almost any flight (depends on our legalities).
  • Cross-qualification standby: This is home standby. Cross-qualification means that crew are able to operate on both the Boeing 777 and Airbus A380 aircraft types. During this assigned duty, crew are expected to have their uniform ready and luggage packed, because Crew Control could call us at anytime to ask us to report for a flight. We can be chilling in our pjs, watching tv and doing as we please, but we must answer the phone when and if it rings! If we receive a call, we will be given enough time to get dressed, do our make up and make it to our assigned flight.

Sometimes, for example, if we operate a ULR we will be given two days off before and after the flight because of legalities. On occasions like this, I may be given my schedule for the next few days in advance instead of having to check my roster each night.

Cabin Crew are given one month of reserve each year. It is usually assigned at random, but crew can request it too.

Hopefully some cool adventures await me in the month ahead! 🙂

Next Stop: Dhaka, Bangladesh

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  1. Ruari Allen
    July 16, 2017 / 1:31 pm

    Awesome how often do you get called out to flights and any advice on wat to expect for 1st time cabin crews

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