April Roster (2017)

This past March, I was rostered to operate several flights to Switzerland, as well as a flight to Boston, U.S.A. As excited as I was to visit these destinations, those working days unfortunately became sick days (#crewlife). I’m slowly regaining my strength though, and am looking forward to what April has in store for me! Take a look:

  • Toronto, Canada (home!)
  • Luanda, Angola *
  • Cape Town, South Africa *
  • Kuwait City, Kuwait (turnaround)
  • Hamburg, Germany *
  • Malé, Maldives (turnaround)
  • Johannesburg, South Africa

* = new destination

As a member of the Business Promotions (BP) team, I am sometimes asked to represent the airline at certain events such as football, baseball, cricket and rugby matches as well as press conferences, festivals and more! It’s an amazing opportunity and a privilege to be a part of. This month, I will not be operating the above flight to Johannesburg, South Africa, but rather travelling as a passenger to represent Emirates at a sporting event there. I’ll be sharing more details with you when the event has passed, so I hope you stay tuned for that! It’s my first BP activity and any luck you could send my way would be appreciated! 🙂

See you in the skies!

Next Stop: Cape Town, South Africa

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Disclaimer: My posts are my personal views and and do not represent the views of my company.


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  1. Ruari Allen
    March 20, 2017 / 2:33 am

    Kelsey u r such a great crew can’t live without you sweetheart would be sad if u left and didn’t get to meet you and wats been your favourite place to visit and you all over on the flight

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