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This week I had the privilege of touring the Emirates Flight Catering facility in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It was an amazing opportunity to observe what goes on behind the scenes in terms of the airline’s food production and catering processes, as well as to learn how Cabin Crew can improve their work on board and assist the caterers with their duties.

At the facility, we were able to observe what happens when the used carts are brought in from the aircraft, right up until the point where meals are prepared and shipped off to their respective destinations. At this particular unit, only first class, business class and crew meals are produced. Economy meals are made at another facility in Dubai, but are brought to this location once finished to complete the catering process.

Each day, over 165,000 meals are produced here and shipped out. There are 4 major menu cycles for economy and business class (A, B, C and D), which are rotated every 3 months to give passengers a variety of meal choices throughout the year. These dishes are inspired by the destinations Emirates flies too, as well as the profile of the customers on each route. The ingredients used in these cuisines are always fresh and locally sourced (such as Lamb Brochette with Arabic Spices), and the selection of beverages to compliment the available meal choices include premium wines, spirits and liqueurs gathered from around the globe.

Originally, the airline shared a catering facility in Dubai with several other carriers. This changed in 2007 because of Emirates growing size. An addition to this facility will make it one of the largest catering units in the world later this year, where it is expected produce approximately 330,000 meals each day.

Following the tour, we had the opportunity to enjoy lunch at the facility and join some of the Emirates Flight Catering employees at a roundtable discussion. This gave us the chance to share our ideas regarding certain on board services and how they could be improved to assist both the caterers and Cabin Crew. We were also given a cookbook inspired by an international team of chefs as a gift for attending.

Overall, it was a pleasant experience and I’m glad that I was given this opportunity. It has enabled me to see things differently on board and will allow me to make improvements to my performance that may save some of my colleagues extra work!

Curious to know what’s being served on your upcoming Emirates flight? You can check online here.

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  1. Ruari Allen
    February 2, 2017 / 9:53 am

    Really lovely and why wear thoose hats and really proud of wat u do kelsey just incredible and would love it if u helped me on a flight

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